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Monday 6 October 2017

It has been one year since Donald Trump was elected president of America. What has changed in Taiwan? Not much. Taiwan is very stable. Perhaps, in that sense, Taiwan is very boring. Perhaps Taiwan is even predictable. The news in Taiwan is still mostly about traffic accidents and China. Taiwan still has its own military. Taiwan still has its own government that is democratically elected in free and fair elections with multiple political parties. Taiwan still has very little street crime. Taiwan has less suicide and alcoholism than South Korea and Japan; however, those two countries have the highest rates of alcoholism and suicide in the world. Taiwan is still more accepting of tattoos than Japan and South Korea. Taiwanese people are still friendly to foreigners. Even though all of this has remained the same, there has been one big change: gay marriage. Taiwan is the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage. Taiwan also has the oldest and largest Pride Parade in Asia. Taiwan seems to not only be tolerant, but accepting. The legalization of gay marriage is not because of Donald Trump. Trump is intolerant. Trump is hostile towards Muslims, immigrants, women, and political adversaries. Trump thinks violent Nazis are good people. Indeed, Taiwan’s relative culture of acceptance contrasts with Trump. While Taiwan continues to be hospitable, the tweeter in chief continues to be combative. If little has changed thus far, will little change in the future? What will happen to Asia and Taiwan should Trump start a war with North Korea as it seems he will? What will happen to Asia and Taiwan if Japan changes its constitution so that it can legally be more militarily aggressive as it seems it will? Trump has not given all Americans healthcare, similar to the systems in Canada, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. However, neither President Barack Obama before him nor President George W. Bush before him gave all Americans healthcare. Trump has presided over two new American wars in Chad and the Muslim region of the Philippines. However, before him Obama added five more American wars in Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. And before him George W. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush even stopped looking for Osama Bin Laden and continued to stay in Afghanistan. He also stayed in Iraq after no chemical, biological nor nuclear weapons were found. It seems that America goes to war for the sake of war. So, Trump is simply continuing the American status quo of war and no healthcare. This has been the American status quo for sixteen years, two presidents, Republicans and Democrats, before Trump. The problem then is not the president of America. The problem is America. We can expect America to continue to invade countries that haven’t attacked America and to not give its people healthcare. We can expect America to still be America. We can expect Taiwan to still be Taiwan; the same old Taiwan where there is very little street crime, there is no war, everyone has healthcare, and, now, gay people can get married.